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We do this by collecting any unwanted and unused toiletries, cosmetics, gift items that you may have to make up a gift box. If you don't have anything lying around, perhaps you could spend some Nectar or Clubcard points?  Or perhaps just add one extra item to your basket the next time you buy one of the basics such as deodorant, toothpaste, or shampoo.  This year (2020) we have been asked for hot water bottles, mugs, and art supplies / colouring books along with the usual goodies.

We don't expect a box full of donations, if all you can give is a tube of toothpaste or bottle of shampoo that is great. Even just a bar of soap helps us to put together a gift box for someone.  

The boxes aim to bring practical help, and some much-needed comfort to people and families in domestic violence refuges, homeless hostels, or refugee households over Christmas.  We aim to recognise them as normal people, not victims or problems that need to be solved. You are giving kindness and dignity.   

We try to make it a good gift so please don’t give us anything that's been used – even if very lightly. Just think: would you like to receive this as a gift? So new is better. Anything else gets recycled as we cannot guarantee the hygiene of the product. Also, we don't use anything that has any overt sexual message in the labelling / packaging as some people have been victims of sexual abuse and this could be a trigger point for them.

What other people have thought of us:

The blogger, clamorous voice, visited us in 2017 and wrote about it here.

The only video there is of Christine explaining Project Shoebox Oxford to journalist and Oxford City Councillor Shaista Aziz in 2018 is here

Daily Info, Oxford's go-to website for what is happening, wrote about us in 2019 and you can read it here.

Updated 28 November 2020
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