What type of food items do you want?

Firstly, thank you for wanting to be a part of the Project! 

We really, really appreciate your donations of non-perishable food items (tins or packets), they are very useful if people come into refuge when the food banks and supermarkets are closed.  

Q: Why are you collecting food items?
A: We have expanded our collections to include helping people in refuges with food items as well as gift boxes of toiletries. The refuges do keep supplies of non perishable food to give out to women when they arrive, but often they run out. They have food bank service for some projects but not all. Some of their clients are not able to access public funds so, as they cannot claim benefits, they rely on donations and limited social care funding. 

The refuges have full kitchen facilities, everything is provided. Some of the refuges have great kitchens shared just between two familes. One project has a small kitchen dedicated for halal cooking as well as a larger communal kitchen  

Just remember a gift of a packet of tea bags or tin of soup will help.  Here’s our best guidelines on what is needed -- and please remember to check the 'best-before' dates on the food items.

Food items we have been asked for: 
Basic items:
  • Tea bags, regular and herbal
  • Coffee, instant regular and decaff
  • UHT milk, sugar, herbs, spices, cooking oil, rice, pasta
  • Tins of soup, vegetables, fish, meat stew, pasta sauce etc
  • Breakfast cereal, crispbreads, jam, honey
  • Cake, biscuits, special teas, chocolate (or is this an essential basic?!)

Q: Is there anything I should not give? 
A: It’s all to do with the safety of the people receiving the food. 
PLEASE don’t include 
Fresh vegetables, fresh meat or dairy products. 

Q: Where do I donate the food items?
A: We have several collection sites during our regular donations drive in November, at other times contact us to find out where and how to donate safely in 2020.  

And finally...
Thank you so much for being a part of this project.
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