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This page explains how we use cookies during your visit to our site. 
Cookie Policy for Project Shoebox Oxford 

The Project Shoebox Oxford ("PSO" / "we" / "us" / "our") Cookie Policy 

1. What are Cookies? 
Cookies are little data files that are placed onto the hardware device which you use to browse the internet (e.g. your Computer, Smartphone or Tablet, your "device") by websites that you visit. 

Cookies contain information about your visits to that website and the purpose of cookies is to enable our website to remember you, and your browsing habits, when you visit it again in the future. 

2. How do we use Cookies? 

Cookies perform many different functions, from remembering which of our web pages are the most popular to what type of journey a visitor has through our site. Cookies help us plan the content and layout of our site and recognise returning visitors that have been to our site before.

Therefore they play an important role in helping us to enhance the usability and performance of our site to improve your visits. In order to help us understand how many visitors we have, which pages are visited, and to help us develop future improvements to our site, reporting and analysis is carried out using Google Analytics who will place cookies on your device. For more information on Google cookies we recommend you visit the Google website at which outlines Google's privacy policy and how to opt-out of tracking. 

We do not use cookies to collect information that could identify you personally during your visit to our site. 

A list of the cookies that we use when you visit our site is contained in the table below. Types of cookie that may be used during your visit to our website are: 
  • Session cookies 
  • Third party cookies 
  • First party cookies 

3. What Cookies are used by this site? 

Purpose Session cookie 

Session cookies enable our website to keep track of your movement from page to page. These cookies allow you to proceed through the pages of our site quickly and easily without having to reprocess each new area you visit. They are automatically deleted when you close your web browser 

Third party cookies 

These are placed by another company (domain) and are used to help us track visitor behaviour in order for us to measure the performance of our website. 

First party cookies (cookies set by the website) 

Used when a visitor performs a subject search. This cookie is deleted from the device when the browser is closed. 

3rd Party cookies - Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 

These are used to track which pages on the site are most commonly used, the number of visitors to the site, page views, which browsers are used, entry pages etc.  We use the information provided to help us improve our site and identify the most popular pages. Cookies last between one month and one year. 

For more information on Google Analytics we recommend you visit the Google Analytics website.  For information on Google Tag Manager please visit the Google Tag Manager website. 


This cookie is used to pull in 'like' and 'share' functionality into the site; it is loaded on page load, not when the button/link is clicked. For more information read the Facebook Privacy Policy.   

This cookie is set at the first load of the Twitter application and is required to get access to tweets. For more information read the Twitter Privacy Policy 

4. Can I opt out of cookies? 

Yes! There are a number of options available. You can control the use of cookies on your device by using the settings in your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). For more detailed information about cookies (including how to manage their use via your browser) go to

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