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Emergency Request from ODAS

posted 28 Mar 2020, 06:19 by Project Shoebox Oxford   [ updated 4 May 2020, 09:29 ]
Update 4 May 2020

My apologies for not updating you sooner, but we had a fantastic response to the request posted in March even though we were only collecting physical items for a few days.  On April 9 our contact with ODAS was able to pick up all the goods in photograph below and she was amazed, and very thankful, for what we (you!) had been able to gather. We also gave her £70 towards chocolate Easter eggs for the children in refuge. 

A few groceries for Easter.
Later in April we were able to give them £650 (yes, £650!) in vouchers for various grocery stores from money collected during the last few days of March.

Financial donations have still been arriving during April so we will be in discussion with ODAS as to how these can best be used to support them during this difficult time, whether with grocery vouchers or arranging grocery deliveries to the refuges.   
Update 30 March 2020

I have been talking with my contact at ODAS and they are concerned that collecting items may expose me to the Covid-19 virus and they would not want to be responsible for that obviously. 

What we have agreed is that I will accept donations that have already been promised up to 30 March, taking due care and precautions with gloves and sanitiser. The items will be stored for 72 hours before sorting to reduce any possibility of contamination as per current advice from the NHS. 

Going forward we are asking if people are able to help with financial donations and those will be pooled to buy grocery vouchers for the families in refuge. People can donate via the website PayPal button (on the right of this page), by making a donation from their own PayPal account to us, shoeboxoxford@gmail.com, OR by making a direct payment to our bank account. 

The bank account details are: 
Bank: Coventry Building Society 
Sort Code: 40-63-01 
Account Number: 70204712 
Name on account: Ms R C Tucker 
Reference: Your name. 

This is a separate bank account that was set up for handling donations for Shoebox Oxford. Where I can match a name to an email/message I will acknowledge the donations privately. (One reason why PayPal is useful is that I am able to use the email address easily for acknowledging the donation.) 

Many, many thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Both ODAS and I have been overwhelmed by people's generosity. 

Health and happiness to you all, 
27 March 2020

I realise that we all have to take care of ourselves first but would like to ask you if anyone can spare anything, I can organise a collection from the garden gate if you are self-isolating or are in quarantine. As you may know, the type of food items that we normally collect are: 

Basic items: 
  • Tea bags, regular and herbal 
  • Coffee, instant regular and decaff 
  • UHT milk, sugar, herbs, spices, cooking oil, rice, pasta 
  • Tins of soup, vegetables, fish, meat stew, pasta sauce etc 
  • Breakfast cereal, crispbreads, jam, honey 

  • Cake, biscuits, special teas, chocolate (or is this an essential basic?!) 

Even if all you can spare is a tin of tomatoes it will be a great help to families in refuge, all of whom will have moved away from family and friends in a desperate attempt to cut connections with an abuser. 

If you are able to spare some change, I will be pooling any cash donations to buy vouchers for various grocery stores so that families can get fresh produce to eke out the tinned supplies.  See the PayPal donate now button on the RH side of the page, or contact me for the bank account details if you wish to make a direct payment.

Many thanks for considering this request, wishing you and your families health and happiness. 
Blessings, Christine
More boxes
The packing team in 2014 including Cameron Jones who took the photo. 

Food packs
First food packages in 2015

Just some of the finished boxes 2015